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index HomeWe go about as scaffold between the vendor and the importer. We will go about as your authority in proceeding with sourcing the item, putting in the order and quality management


index2 HomeWe provide the International Clients “A Liaison Office In India” with utmost dedication and sincerity.So better communication & over-all co-ordination.


index3 HomeYour own style or have seen one thing in another location, happy to help you on sourcing the vendor and finding the best price and quality


index4 Home We find products you wish to import.so we work with you and also the factories to get them produced, checked and shipped timely


Indus Trade Point is an Indian sourcing, Quality control and merchandising company located at Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India.  Its a group of youth with vast experience in foreign trade, exports and imports,

We are specialized in product design, inspections, sourcing, consolidation, quality control, and production consultation.

We act as a  link between supplier and buyer. We will act as your agent in managing sourcing the product, placing the order and quality controlling. Once we received your order, we will do some assessment on the volumetric size of the order. The volumetric size will influence the cost of packing and dispatching.

We source products from best known companies with unbeatable prices. We are confident, we can really assist you in choosing vendors, correct short -listing, co-ordination during sampling and business transactions, quality control & pre-shipment inspections

We act as a liaison office here in India  for regular or new buyers  as they need a person to check and Insure the production of their order when they are not in India. Moreover we help them in consolidation of container from many suppliers.

  • Why Us?
    • Observe Your Payback
    • Cost Cutback
    • Vast Experience
    • Best Price
    • Regular Updates
    • Quality Control
  • Ethical Practice

    Company enforces a certain Vendor Code of Conduct; and additionally, our team undergoes intensive training to achieve the awareness, information and necessary skills to fulfill compliance necessities. Systematic inspections, audits and comprehensive merchant education guarantee production from socially accountable suppliers.

  • Our Responsiblities
    • Taking responsibility, acting professionally and delivering satisfaction –continuously.Forming a win-win relationship with our buyers, vendors and associates.
    • Providing the specified infrastructure, desegregation our business & making unity of vision & enterprise to satisfy the specified international standards.
    • Implementing our commitment to quality, internally and outwardly, by following the established Quality Management System & sporadically reviewing our quality objectives.
    • Basic cognitive process and applying our values of being honest, competent and moral.
    • Locating,providing and delivering to our buyers the most effective sources of materials and merchandise to stay pace with the changes within the industry.
    • Establishing a powerful and constant vendor base, guiding & upgrading their quality normal by incessantly developing in house technical experience.
    • Designing and implementing a good educational program to empower & inspire our groups, gain expertise, get exposure, be meticulous & take initiative to realize best potency.
    • Effective utilization of our multi location presence, by adopting leading edge technology, to render a versatile proactive service.
    • Attending to adhere to the socio-economic values of this
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